After “The Age of Aquarium” (2019) and “Let it Rain” (2020), Nadine Gerspacher’s “Non-Upgraded Existence” is the third and final part of her trilogy, which deals with digital technologies and their influence on society. „Non-Upgraded Existence“ highlights the inability of people to manage their bodies and their environment to reconcile. Inspired by the global mobilization of the young generation against the exploitation of ecological resources, the play features an end-time scenario that returns to basic human needs such as love, closeness and social interaction.

Concept, Artistic Direction, Choreography: Nadine Gerspacher
Assistance: Ombline Huvelle
Dance: Paula Niehoff, Julien Rossin, Camille Lejeune,
Arias Fernandez, Hedvig Bons

Premiere: 09.09.2021 – E-Werk Freiburg

Five dancers are gathered around a long table and watch the credits of the fat years until the deafening cry of a child transforms them into a sort of harmonious original state. What is happiness and what makes us human? In the usual way, Cia. Nadine Gerspacher offers a multimedia dance theater characterized by powerful elements of dance and acrobatics.