Roof Top 0711

Roof Top 0711 – Azimuth Arts and Dance Ensemble
The Azimuth Arts and Dance Ensemble rises to the roofs of the city to celebrate the dance and at the same time to elevate it in a panoramic liaison that emphasizes communication at a distance. When dusk falls, the dancers will let their choreography shine in the dark.

Production: Gonçalo Cruzinha
Festival: Die irritierte Stadt
Performance: Paula Niehoff, Nona Siepmann, Francesca Merolla, Laura Saumweber, Andrea Krolo Köroglu


Like waves of electrifying silence, they span the sky with their movements. Inspired by Trisha Brown’s Roof Piece (1971), Roof Top 0711 questions the feeling of continuity and flow, subtly referring to the environment in which we live and our sense of time and space.