We want to bring a moment of cheerfulness,
light-heartedness and colourful togetherness to the people.
We want culture to continue and to flourish in times of social distancing.

The crisis of the corona pandemic affects people at all levels. Under the title ‚Upside-down‘, we want to bring culture to the doorstep of those who are particularly affected by the ongoing contact restrictions: Residents of old people’s and nursing homes, patients in hospitals and residential groups in institutions for people with disabilities.

Production and Performance: Paula Niehoff and Laura Saumweber
Music: Florian Sonnleitner
Camera: Francesca Karmrodt

Premiere: 08.06.2020
Tour: June-August 2020 in Munich and Bamberg

The spatial distance, our new normality with 1.5m distance, is represented during the piece in three circles, which the dancers never leave. They are driven by circular movements that seem to have no ending. Life must go on, even if unusual and unknown directions are taken. Accompanied and guided by the music (composition by Florian Sonnleitner), the two dancers ultimately find themselves in a common form, moving together in a folk-dance-like manner and creating a positive lightness despite physical distance.

We perform this dance theatre in courtyards or forecourts, so that the audience can participate from balconies or open windows. Afterwards, there is a moving interaction with the spectators within the framework of the distance regulations, in order to let the afternoon come to an end together.